Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just for doing sake...."environmental education'

Two days ago,I had meeting on "How to bring kids close to nature"? Sounds interesting, right? Unfortunately, it was little disappointing. Teachers thinks nature camps can bring kids close to nature, absolutely true, but what activities do they think they can cover during that time. Most of the teachers were forcing me to include questions from the what type of leaf? aestivation, petals, corolla, etc..etc..I was trying to explain them, if I were a kid I would certainly not go for this type of nature camp where I will have to do practical which I would have done in the laboratory. My whole time went up in letting them understand the fact that nature camp does not mean to carry out practical work instead of doing some creative activity like identify bird calls, trying to identify animals tracks and signs, trying to search bird's nest, tryig to identify stars etc.etc.. But it is an unfotunate fate of our education system that they always want to run on the same trek.
I am trying to bring the change by getting myself involved in all the planning, and to execute them in the field. Keeping my fingers crossed for the next meeting.

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  1. u shud b in jungle alwaz bcz u hv becom a jungali didi...